I offer a wide range of products and services including:

Wedding DVD's, Graduation's, Anniversary Parties, Funerals, TV Commercials, College Sports Recruiting Videos, Business Training Videos, DVD Duplication, VHS to DVD Transfer, Older Camcorder tapes to DVD, Photo Scanning, Projector Rental...if you dont see what you want on this list, please email me.

Any old videos you may have laying around, I can transfer to DVD and edit for you to enjoy for years to come.

- Wedding DVD's -

Every Wedding video takes countless hours and viewings to assure that you are getting the highest quality product possible. When you sign Video by Design to capture your wedding day on video, you are getting the complete package.

First, I will come to your rehearsal if you request me to be there...There will be a small fee added to your cost for travel and extra video time. This will give me your wedding layout and you some memories of your rehearsal. Please request if you wish to have me there.

Now its time for your Wedding Day! I will show up about the same time as your photographer, whether it be 2 hours early, or one hour early, I will be there. I will capture clips of various items including the outside of the church, the flower arrangements, the architechture of the church, getting ready. These all go into the special introduction parts of both the ceremony and reception videos. I will have the Bride & Groom sit down separately about half an hour before its time to go down the aisle to speak their final thoughts to each other on camera. You will talk to the camera, but imagine that you are talking to your beautiful Bride or Groom. And neither of you will see that until the DVD's are delivered. This adds a nice touch to your memories.

While the photographer is taking photos, I will capture those moments on video as well. This way you can see what happened in between all those pictures. The laughter and jokes that took place between each and every one will be remembered forever.

Now its time for the ceremony. The groom will be wearing a wireless lavalier microphone to hear crisp and clear vows/ring exchange/any other speaking on your finished video. I will then stay out of the way, but still capture your entire day on video.

After the wedding, I will get your receiving line and when you exit the church. Any after wedding photo sessions will also be on video.

I will follow you to the reception and capture every moment possible there as well. I stay for all of the main events including introductions, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, cake cutting, dinner, bouquet toss, garter toss, dollar dance, etc. Then I will stay about an hour into the "Dance" time to get some of that on video as well. After that it all appears the same, so one hour of that is usually my cutoff unless you wish me to stay a little bit longer.

Your DVD's will be delivered or mailed to you within 6 weeks of your Wedding Day. Mid Size packages include a Two DVD Set with Lightscribe DVD's with laser etched images, no stickers to damage your DVD player. Packaging is in a slimline 2 DVD clear case with fully cusomized color DVD jacket (See Images Below)

DVD's are all menu based, meaning the opening menu is just like a movie you would rent or buy. You have the option of selecting the main feature, scene selection, photo shoot, etc. (See Promo Video) Video of your Wedding Ceremony usually is between 30-45 minutes in length. You Reception video usually runs between 60-90 minutes. Plus your scene selections, photo shoot, rehearsal, photo montage (if chosen)...you will have plenty of memories of your day with every possible moment captured!

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